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“Deeper Than The Surface” written by Yolanda Williams

Deeper than the Surface

After contemplating on a topic to photograph for this assignment, I finally decided to

capture “Home.” I had listed a few places that I felt would symbolize home, yet, none of those places

had the wow factor that I was in search of. Finally, I decided to capture “Perception.” Perception,

having to deal with this particular assignment, deals with what you as critics believe to be true about

the photo, whether it is or not to the artist.

Once I had the concept down, I wanted to have a clear cut direct focus. This wasn’t clear

initially, and I still hadn’t experienced my usual “spark of genius.” With time dwindling down, it was

important to just shoot; shoot until I found something to spark my imagination. All I had to go on

was a few willing participants and a half tank of gas. At that point, the birth of what I consider to be

a masterpiece in the making was created.

With this project, I wanted to challenge everyone’s perception. The shoot was all of natural

events and occurrences by the individuals that participated, not of the photographer. People will see

something and assume that they can trust their own eyes, or perhaps trust their own minds. When you

look at these photographs, I want you to imagine not just what you see, but what you feel is

happening. The sheer essence of any form of art is emotion. Open your mind to the possibility that

there is always more than what meets the eye… not just that, but more than what the artist, in this

case, photographer, wants you to see.

I ask that you approach this project as lenses with a focused view. See what the photographer

is showing you, but view it with your own purest emotion.

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