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Inspire Yourself

Check out the latest album “Inspire Yourself” by King Braize. Released on February 28th, 2019. Inspire Yourself is a sophisticated project produced exclusively by 808 Kihd.

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Check out the music videos from King Braize, He has written and directed all of the videos he’s shot for songs from each project throughout the years of making music.


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Artist Bio

“Its best to leave a mark than leave a mystery…”

… as quoted by Hip Hop lyricist, King Braize. Born and raised in the jungles of Newark, NJ, Braize, formerly known as Brazy Boy, has worked vigorously in building a brand as solid as his foundation. Currently, King Braize is the CEO of an emerging Artist Management company, Krown Movement, and is responsible for the development of several other talents.
Having eight solo projects, over a dozen videos, and countless features, King Braize is undoubtedly earning his stripes not only as an underground lyricist but as a successful artist in general.
“Music is an art – you should be able to paint a picture for your listeners. That’s why I believe bars matter… not only can you hear my music, you can see it”
King Braize
Krown Movement CEO

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